Selling a property

Aggressive marketing of your home.

At Dancing Star Realty, placing that 'For Sale' sign in your yard is only the beginning. From the moment that post hits the soil, we're doing everything we can to maximize the exposure of your property.

We'll begin by preparing a market analysis of your home to insure that it is competitively priced for current market conditions, and we'll alert you to any potential issues that may affect the sale of your home; this means uncovering any potential structural or repair issues, permit issues, or leins against your property.

We boast a wide-range of weapons in our marketing arsenal, including placement on this website and our social media channels, posting your property to the MLS, creation of flyers, full home photography, virtual tours, staging advice, print advertising, and networking with other real estate agents—all tools that will keep your home up front and on top of the market.

Short sales

The collapse of the housing bubble and sub-prime mortgage market has left some with no option but to work to sell a home that is underwater on its value. Our experienced short sale specialists will work with your lender to try and help you get out from underneath a bad loan. Contact Dancing Star Realty at (719) 488-2234 to review your situation.

What is a short sale?
A real estate short sale occurs when the lender and borrower decide that selling the property and absorbing a moderate loss is preferable to having the borrower default on the loan.
What are the advantages to a short sale?
  • You will be able to buy a new home in 2 years instead of 5-7 years depending upon the loan you're obtaining.
  • If your credit report does not reflect a 60-day+ late pay, you may be eligible to buy a new home immediately.
  • No more mortgage payment (unless you choose to pay them).
What are the disadvantages to a short sale?
  • Long wait for bank to respond to offer
  • No guarantees of acceptance
  • Must keep house in spotless condition for showings
  • Derogatory credit will remain on your credit report for 7 years


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