For Buyers

Am I ready to buy a home?
You hear all the hype that it’s time to buy but aren’t quite sure what to do? The economy is slowly picking up but the “What-If’s” strike you. What-If I lose my job? What-If the stock market takes a nose-dive again? What-If I buy a lemon of a home? The time to buy is right now especially if you’re a first time homebuyer because you’ll see an 8K credit on your taxes. If not, this is a marvelous time as prices are low…you’ve already heard that in all the commercials, but it’s actually true! I bought my home at 16% interest rate and was thrilled because the interest rates had just jumped to 18%. So take things into perspective; be realistic and not pessimistic. If you’re looking for a great Realtor, regardless of where you live, I can locate one for you. One who won’t push sales and one who will let you know ahead of time of any faults. A good Realtor will write your offer to protect you!Read more

For Sellers

Should I hold an open house?
Open houses aren't worth the risk. You just don’t know who will be coming through the home. Frankly, Open Houses very seldom result in a buyer however it is an opportunity for a Realtor to pick up a buyer…at your expense. No way! Read more

For Renters

What's your policy regarding medicinal/recreational pot in your rental homes?
Marijuana issue is becoming a huge headache for Realtors! Not only do I find homes for buyers and sell homes for sellers, but I’m a property manager as well. One of the newest problems I’m encountering is tenants wanting to grow and use marijuana in their rental home. Is this discrimination? No it’s not if the landlord states that he does not permit it. It’s just like someone who is a smoker; we can deny tenancy to anyone who smokes.Read more